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Our Mission: The Haiti Ocean Project is a marine conservation, education, research and eco-tourism project located in Grand Goave, Haiti.  The primary mission of this project is to protect local whale and dolphin populations through education of youth, marine research, public policy and whale and dolphin watching. Our Objectives: 1. Establishment of a sanctuary along the entire coastline of Haiti to protect all marine mammals, sharks, rays and sea turtles.  All these species are of very high potential value to Haiti’s tourism sector.  The ongoing value of each of these long-lived animals to tourism has been demonstrated to be many times higher than the one time value of harvest.  Prohibiting the harvest, possession and trade of marine mammals, sharks, rays and sea turtles in Haiti will contribute to the successful development of economically and ecologically sustainable tourism and future prosperity of Haiti and its people.  In addition, the sanctuary decree stipulates that no captive marine mammal facility be allowed in Haiti. 2. To build a state-of-the-art solar and wind-powered marine education and research facility, complete with an aquarium and whale and dolphin viewing station.  This facility will be utilized by Haitian schoolchildren, local residents, visiting tourists and marine scientists, for the purpose of learning about and researching the magnificent marine life that exist in Haitian waters.  We are currently in the final design phase. 3. To create a structured whale and dolphin watch program and related ecotourism activities, thus involving local fishermen and local youth in a sustainable program that provides additional or alternative income and livelihood involving the protection and promotion of whales and dolphins and conservation-based fisheries management. 4. To develop active research projects, which establish baseline marine mammal populations and assessment of threats.   Our longer-term goal is to build a countrywide marine mammal stranding network and develop a marine mammal and sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation center.
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Haiti Ocean Project
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